Nullcon Jailbreak 2013 Challenge

November 29, 2013

Those who, don’t know what is Nullcon Jailbreak , This is hermetic place for hackers. In additional, there is no word called palliate in the #NULLCON´╗┐ Jailbreak dictionary. My team target was to complete hacking challenges & finding serious vulnerability in applications. Watch Nullcon Jailbreak Episode 1 & 2, there is something special regarding our BlackFog team, I hope you will enjoy the Episodes.

Nullcon Jailbreak Episode 1 :

Nullcon Jailbreak Episode 2 :

Nullcon Jailbreak Final Episode 2 :

Read about more about Nullcon Jailbreak,

Thank you #Nullcon Jailbreak for such nice program :p

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We Provide Penetration Testing