Project F9pix

February 10, 2013

Every day one thing is grooming in my mind which is not so important huh , dam NO it is IMP! 7 Month before I have started a project called as with help of my friend Kishor,Jitu.

F9pix is big platform for the photographers, where on single button photographers can showcase their awesome photographs to the world. First time i have started serious coding & development which is really opposite work for me as i’m in Info security domain.

3 Months later from the start Date, F9pix was up ! I was really happy to see F9pix online many of the my friends appreciated work. Project started building confidence in my mind as well as my mates mind. Finally We got office in Pune , Chinchwad.

It was really amazing for to have own office. Vishal & ER Sumeet joined us for development of F9pix modules.
Every one is working profoundly on each task of development of product. we are trying to finish the coding in next few days. I am worried about next release of the F9pix. F9pix Team carrier is completely depend on the next release of F9pix.

I am confident everything will be good :)

We Provide Penetration Testing

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We Provide Penetration Testing