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December 25, 2012

Hi , yes ! you can increase Youtube view upto 300 or 1000( Google ) May be using this bug . Why 300 to 1000 Views , because youtube algorithm monitor videos response and adjust accordingly !

Oh yes ! I have submitted this bug to Google Security Team and bug is not selected as critical one(due to Youtube Algorithm). It can be useful to many people to increase the YouTube views.

I have tested on latest browsers(Tested Browser : FF / Chrome) & OS (Tested OS : Win7 / Ubuntu).
This bug will work only on Newly uploaded Video & you must be Login youtube account from where you uploaded the video.

When user Upload new video. Google provided option to change title of the video on the fly as show following image
For example :

Youtube view Increase

When User click save and refresh the browser window youtube video… w00t !! view count is increased ..
All views will be considered from the User IP so possibly youtube algo considered video as suspicious.

In this way I have increased my unlisted video view count to 193.

Youtube View increase Example

Video Link :

To automate this manual process, we can use Jquery Function. Which is as followed.

Special Thanks to Vishal Khobare...


$(".yt-uix-button-primary, .yt-uix-button ,.yt-uix-button-hh-primary").trigger('click');




I am using Charles Proxy (DEMO version) application to map Youtube JS(// & appending my above code to the youtube JS code on my local machine.

Its get starting view count increasing automatically !
Bug Fixed :)
Special thanks to Google Security Team & My Garage4Hackers Team.

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May 25, 2013 @ 5:42 pm

hi my friend,
If I use this javascript code does it increase my video youtube views ??


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