Project 0day – PHP Source Code Testing Tool

August 9, 2011

“PHP Source Auditor”


This is special purpose tool developed for developers who write the code in PHP ,  PSA scan depth into source code file and detect the vulnerable line of code , fetches vulnerability information to the developer .

System Requirement:

  1. Latest .NET Framework
  2. Windows Installed Machine

Following Vulnerability Detected By PSA:

  1. SQl Injection
  2. Remote File Inclusion
  3. Local File Inclusion
  4. Cross Site Scripting
  5. Cross Site Request Forgery
  6. Insecure Cookie Handling
  7. Remote Code Execution
  8. Remote Command Execution
  9. Authentication Bypass

Features :

  • Importing Multiple Files At a Time
  • User Friendly GUI
  • PHP Syntax Highlighting
  • Highlighting Vulnerable Code
  • Pop Up Box for Replacing Vulnerable Code
  • Advance Code Reviewing Method

Old Screen Shot Beta Version

Download Link : Distribution Close

New Version Will Be Release Soon



We Provide Penetration Testing
November 21, 2011 @ 8:23 pm

keep up bro ! keep the spirit !!!

November 15, 2012 @ 8:04 pm

Could i get a copy or link of this tool..?? Where is it available??
Thank you, Kind Regards…


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We Provide Penetration Testing